"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers for the week reveal that there is an intense drama among the characters of Nicole, RJ, Ridge and Brooke. Nicole has been working on her dream to be a mother, however, it seems like her dreams will be crushed as she hears the result of her infertility.

Apparently, she'll be asking for a second opinion about her case before she'll have to face the sad reality. On the other hand, RJ will be devastated with the thought that there is no more chance for Ridge and Brooke to get back together. Brooke has finally married Bill.

Nicole deals with disappointments

Motherhood dreams will be crushed this week!

On a good note, Vivienne will stay with her as she needs company. Probably, Nicole will face a lot of struggles before accepting the fact that her dream to be a mother will no longer happen. Further, Nicole will still seek a second opinion but most probably, she will still get the same result.

On the other hand, Nicole's sister, Maya, will also find out about her problem. Perhaps, Vivienne will tell Maya about it through a phone call? On the good side, Maya will have the thought of leaving everything in Paris and fly back home. She doesn't want Nicole to go through all these disappointments alone.

Meanwhile, this week will be a bright week for Zende. spoilers reveal that she will finally have her job. She will fill the position of Thomas in the design team.

Further, "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers tease that Zende will be overwhelmed by the opportunity. However, she will have to face some complications in the long run but that is to be expected as life is never a straight and easy road.

RJ frustrated of his parents broke up

As "The Bold and the Beautiful" continues, viewers will find out that there is no more chance for Ridge and Brooke to get back together.

Brooke has finally married Bill and the couple are now heading somewhere for their honeymoon. RJ will be affected about their wedding. He always has the thought that someday his parents will be together but it will no longer happen.

Spoilers reveal that RJ will be heartbroken and will be upset by what happened. He was really expecting that it would be possible for his mom and dad to work things out.

However, as Brooke marries Bill, RJ admits that it is no longer that easy for his mom to get rid of her husband so easily.

On the brighter side, Coco will be there for RJ as he goes through the rough patch of his life. Coco will further show how much she really cares for him.

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