The cast of "This Is Us" reunited for its NBC upfronts party in New York last Sunday. Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Justin Hartley (Kevin), Sterling K. Brown (Randall), Chrissy Metz (Kate), Susan Kelechi-Watson (Beth) and Chris Sullivan (Toby) revealed some details about what's likely going to happen when the drama returns for season 2. Will viewers finally find out how Jack died? Will Kate and Toby make good on their promise to get married? Will Randall and Beth proceed with the adoption?

Jack's death, Randall's baby

One of last season's unresolved plots that had fans seeking answers was Jack's death.

Snippets of his funeral were played out in some of the episodes' flashback scenes, but how he died was never revealed to viewers. As far as he knows, Sterling K. Brown said that this will be revealed in the upcoming season. "We'll find out how Jack dies and I know we'll see it," the actor confirmed via E! News while his TV dad Milo Ventimiglia kept tight-lipped.

Brown's TV wife, Susan Kelechi Watson, however, said "This is Us" fans should stop obsessing over how Jack died and instead focus on how he lived because this will be more important to the series' story. "There are jewels in there and so many other connective things," the actress said.

As for their characters' desire to adopt at the end of last season, Watson won't say whether the couple will push through with their plans in season 2.

Sources, however, reveal that this adoption storyline will cause problems in their relationship.

Kate's wedding, Kate singing

Milo Ventimiglia apparently knows every secret on "This is Us" but he's not blabbing about anything, except to say he hopes to see Kate's wedding to Toby soon on the show.

But before any wedding happens, Kate will have to get her life in order.

Fans heard Chrissy Metz's beautiful voice in one of the show's earlier episodes and co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger said there will be more of this in season 2, especially since her character, Kate, declared that she will become a singer. "We’re excited to explore this part of her because she has a beautiful voice," Berger said, as per Glamour.

Move to Thursdays and upcoming specials

From its Tuesday time slot, "This is Us" season 2 will move to Thursdays this fall. NBC has ordered 18 episodes for the returning series, while another 18 episodes set for season 3. The show will be delivering two specials in the upcoming season. One "This is Us" special will air over Christmas, while another special will air right after the 2018 Super Bowl.

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