Ed Sheeran's song “Shape of you“ became extremely popular all around the world. It has a record number of views and numerous adaptations. First, we had the Singing dentist adaptation where a funny dentist gives useful dental advice using Ed's song. Later, we enjoyed an adaptation from India which made us laugh so many times. There were so many other successful and not so successful “Shape of you“ adaptations, but the most recent adaptation published by a mom made number one on our lists.

This Ed's song is definitely a big hit and fans love it, and these adaptions show how popular it has become in just a few months.

Funny and realistic lyrics

Sophie McCartney, who is also Paul McCartney’s second cousin, changed the lyrics to describe all the difficulties moms face on a daily basis. Sophie is very beautiful and has an amazing voice, so it is actually a real pleasure listening to her adaptation of the song.

Sophie’s lyrics are funny and brutally realistic. She loves her two children (son Jack and daughter Evelyn), but Sophie is clearly not very happy about her postpartum body and the fact that her one-year-old daughter is still not sleeping at night. One of the funniest scenes all moms related was when she is eating a king size Toblerone while hiding in the kitchen. Yes, children, we love you but sometimes we just need the entire chocolate for ourselves!

Sophie’s parenting blog is as brutally realistic as this song

The video became very popular in the first 24 hours upon its release. McCartney says that it got ten million views on Facebook on the first day. Now the numbers are much higher and there are numerous of articles all over the internet about this rather imaginative mom.

Sophie had an interview with USA Today and she said that the thing that thrills her most is the fact that so many moms related to the video and lyrics. She is just so happy now that she managed to spread the message that moms are not alone because they are all going through the same thing. Sophie is also an author of a parenting blog called Tired ‘N Tested.

In the blog, this talented mom talks about all the ups and downs of being a parent and about all other parenting-related topics. What is so interesting about it is the fact that she is being brutally honest about all of it. In the end of the interview for USA Today, Sophie said that her cousin Paul loved her video and even wondered if his bed sheets actually smelled of poo.