Season 10 of “The Big Bang Theory“ was very disappointing when it comes to the relationship between Penny and Leonard. Ever since they got married, we've been waiting for the two of them to start acting like an adult married couple. Instead, all we saw was a bunch of white lies and passive-aggressive attitudes. In episode 22, their relationship was tested once again, only this time the couple threw in a surprise.

Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack offers her a job

In this episode, Penny runs into her ex-boyfriend Zack at a bar. We all know Zack looks so much better than Leonard and since their marriage got really hard, everyone assumed that having Zack back is a bad thing.

However, Zack is engaged, and he's changed a lot, and he even asks Penny and Leonard to go to dinner with him. Though it is probably a bad idea, Penny agrees. The next thing we see is Penny and Leonard eating dinner with Zack.

During the dinner, Penny makes an important confession about her professional career. It seems that she is not happy working at pharmaceutical sales and this prompts Zack to offer her a job. Yes, Penny’s extremely handsome ex-boyfriend invited her to work at his restaurant menu company as head of sales.

Now, the job would be perfect since she has experience with restaurants and sales, and the salary is amazing. However, let’s not forget about the fact that she is married and her husband is present at the dinner.

Penny and Leonard’s relationship passed the final test

This offer was a great test for Penny and Leonard’s relationship. One might think it is even a final exam after everything they’ve been through. However, this is not the episode our favorite couple breaks up. This is the episode where they grow, both as individuals and as spouses.

After talking about their issues with their friends, Penny and Leonard realize there is only one thing they can do and that is to talk about it reasonably. Even their friends agreed. Everyone in the gang said that taking the job would be a big mistake, and they weren’t even in the same room.

Eventually, Penny and Leonard decided to talk about the situation.

This time they actually listened to one another, and they started thinking as a couple, not as individuals. In the end, they agreed that Penny should accept the offer, but since Zack’s fiancée doesn’t agree with that, Penny will continue working in pharmaceutical sales.

Even though Penny ended up stuck at her unfulfilling job, this episode was critical for further development of their relationship.