Young and old alike are crazy for sci-fi films and 38-years after “Alien,” its latest version “Alien: Covenant” has generated a lot of interest. It's scheduled date of release is set for May 19. The original “Alien” (made in 1979) was about crew members of a spacecraft who fell victim to a strange creature that had come to the Earth riding piggyback on their spacecraft.

“Alien” helped fuel the imagination of the people and set them dreaming about living beings from outer space. There was a general belief that life existed on the red planet Mars and movie makers seized the opportunity to experiment with a future scenario that brought to life strange creatures from outer space.

It led to imaginary interaction with unknown species and the theme churned out incredible movies.

The background of ‘Alien.'

According to New York Times, when Ridley Scott, the director of “Alien” read the script for the first time, he labeled it as a B-movie that was well written by Dan O’Bannon. However, he treated it in a different way and ended up with an entirely new concept in 1979. It found acceptance among the audience and now it is the turn of “Alien: Covenant” to take center stage.

The creation of the animate being from outer space was a challenge, and full credit goes to the artist who designed the long-headed, toothy nightmare which, combined with special effects, cast a sort of spell on the viewers.

“Alien” can be bracketed as a sci-fi film in the category of horror because it is about crew members who are targeted one at a time.

Role of actresses in sci-fi movies

It is an undisputable fact that actresses add glamor to any movie and the sci-fi films are no exception. Sigourney Weaver enacted the role of Ripley in the “Alien” and, later, graduated from being a survivor to transforming into a full-blown sci-fi action hero.

Following in her footsteps, other women too entered the scene. They dared to be different and became leading ladies of space-related stories like Jodie Foster in “Contact,” Sandra Bullock in “Gravity,” Noomi Rapace in “Prometheus,” and Katherine Waterston in “Alien: Covenant.”

This last movie reveals the influence that the original “Alien” has had in films of this nature.

Incidentally, in “Alien: Covenant,” the viewer can expect to see new concepts because creatures from outer space are strangers to those on planet Earth – therefore, the sky is the limit for those associated with making it. They let their imagination run wild and come up with outlandish creations that keep the viewers mesmerized.