Ben Kaplan is an American filmmaker, comedian and Actor who was born in Connecticut and raised in Missouri. Ben has been interested in acting since he was a boy and started to explore the world of stand-up comedy when he was in college. Ben has long made Movies with his friends and, as an adult, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional performer. He recently landed a role in the newly released horror film titled “Slasher. com.” Ben has also appeared in movies like “ADDicted” and “Wingman Inc.” and he was happy to discuss his career.


Blasting news (BN): What inspired you become an actor and how did you land the role of Jack?

Ben Kaplan (BK): I’ve always loved performing. When I was a kid, I’d get into everything I could. I played instruments, took acting classes, wrote comedy, I even took magic classes at one point when I was really young. I always loved acting. I love figuring out a character and seeing what details are in between the lines of the script.

As for landing the role of Jack, the role was always mine! The “Slasher” movie actually started as a joke between Chip Gubera and me. We were working on producing another feature that was going to be too expensive to shoot in the time we were looking to shoot it in.

We were on the phone expressing our shared sorrow that we weren’t going to be shooting a feature yet. I jokingly suggested that we pivot and turn our horror short “BAGGED” into a feature. We laughed at the idea and joked about all these twists and turns and who was trying to kill who. By the end, Chip was like “I think I can make this idea work!” This might be a bit spoilery but Chip has always believed, and I agree, that I would be great as a seemingly nice guy who’s secretly a monster.

He and Chelsea wrote the character of Jack with that in mind.

BN: What characters have you played, which have been the most interesting, and what would be your dream role?

BK: I’m heading into spoilers again but Jack was definitely the most interesting character I’ve ever played. I’ve had other roles I’ve found interesting but he has so much going on.

I loved playing him after he reveals himself as the Slasher. Our shoot schedule had us filming the end of the movie first so most of my first week I got to be the Slasher out in the open. It was a little odd to then go to being Jack hiding his true self after all that. I hope we get to do a sequel where, maybe Jack is hiding but the audience knows who he is already so he can show his hand a bit more.

I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics my whole life so it’d really love to have a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I’ve always really wanted to play Spider-Man. Tom Holland is currently Peter Parker and I think he’s fantastic. Since Spider-Man is off the table I’d really love to play Carnage. Ya know, if I can’t be Spider-Man, play someone trying to kill him!

BN: Can you tell us a bit about your experiences as an actor in “Slasher. com”?

BK: It was fantastic! I got to spend the better part of a month shooting a film with some of my favorite people! I’ve known Chip for more than ten years and I’ve know a lot of the rest of the crew for a long time. There was great camaraderie among the cast and crew. When we would have a day off we’d typically still hang out!


BN: Do you have any particular genres of film that you enjoy partaking in most?

BK: If you look at my track record, you’d think comedy or maybe horror but I like to try to do everything. I like having to shift gears. I just love being in the entertainment industry, I get to meet the most amazing people who are pursuing their dreams!

I’m constantly being inspired by the people I meet.

BN: Where do you want to be in your career in ten years and what is next for you?

BK: I hope to have worked on variety of films. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to be type cast, there’s a career in that for sure. But, if I have the option to do it all, I want to do it all. I also plan to keep developing projects with friends. I am an actor first and foremost but I enjoy having more than one creative role on a project. The dream would be a situation like the guys on “Always Sunny.” They created it together, they write it together, and they act in it together!

BN: What advice might you offer to a younger person who is aspiring to become an actor?

BK: Take risks! Both as an artist and as someone looking build a business. If you really want it, work for it. Decide whether it’s something you want to commit to or if you’re just going to treat it as a hobby. No one has to pour themselves into this but, just know if you don’t, someone else will and that’s why they’ll work. Be confident in yourself and your decisions. Don’t worry about explaining yourself to other people. Know that you are enough!