rachel lindsay is trying to find love on "The Bachelorette" 2017, and it turns out that two of the Guys trying to find love with her have actually dated the same girl in the past. This was because they were even on the same reality television show. So does Rachel know all about this? It hasn't been revealed yet when she finds out, but you know this can't be kept a secret.

So which two guys share a past?

Blake Elarbee, 31, and Lucas Yancey, 30, appeared on "Ex Isle" together in 2016. So this means that both guys have already been on reality television and have dated the same girl.

This is going to make things a bit interesting. A source is sharing the details of what happened if you didn't watch this show. The source said, "Lucas brought his ex-girlfriend Brittney on the [WEtv reality] show, but during filming, she hit it off with Blake." Of course, this might also make it where the guys don't get along that great as well.

It turns out that Blake and Brittney actually dated for a bit after the show and even lived together. The thing is it didn't last for them. Now Blake is looking for love again and so is Lucas. The source went on and said, "These guys do not get along in real life. Producers must have cast them on purpose because it’ll make for good TV!” Two guys that don't like each other is always drama and over the years "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" has really shown over the last few seasons that drama is bringing in the ratings.

What is Rachel Lindsay upset about this season?

The source also said that Rachel Lindsay is upset that she can tell some of the guys are there just to get famous, not find love. This happens every single season, but Rachel is serious about finding love and doesn't want to play around. The source says Rachel isn't happy with the selection of guys.

The thing is they just need to make a great show, and as long as the one perfect guy for her is there, that is all that matters. They are trying to help Rachel find love, but they also want the ratings of course.

Are you shocked to hear that Blake and Lucas dated the same girl and were both cast this season? Do you think this will cause a lot of drama?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" 2017 with Rachel Lindsay starting on May 22 on ABC. After that, it will be time for a new season of "Bachelor in Paradise" which could end up having Blake or Lucas on it as well. If they cause enough drama, both could end up there.