From "The Jungle Book" to "Beauty And The Beast," it appears that Disney is on a roll in turning popular and iconic animations to live-action movies. "Mulan" is one of the animations on the pipeline, but since the project has been announced, it seems like the production has already been under fire for several reasons. The live-movie adaptation first caught the ire of the fans when speculations circulated that the lead actress might not be Asian. Obviously, Mulan is set in ancient China, so the fans are expecting a Chinese, or an Asian actress to play the lead role and bring the animated heroine's character to life.

Another issue that has been plaguing "Mulan" live-Action Movie is the ongoing debacle on whether there will be music and singing on the adaptation. Fans have reportedly been enraged when they learned that the production team of Disney's upcoming adaptation is considering to leave out the musical scenes from the animation.

'Mulan' director, Niki Caro, breaks silence and takes his stand on the controversy

If there's a person who is more than qualified to take a stand and clarify the issues pertaining to "Mulan" live-action movie, it would no other than be the director of the film. According to reports, the director has previously stated that the movie will not be including any songs.

Of course, this statement enraged a lot of fans because the original animation had a lot of songs in it that added to the liveliness and entertaining factor.

Apparently, the decision not to include songs in the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation did not sit well with the fans and luckily, the complaints didn't fall on deaf ears. According to reports, Niki Caro has backtracked on his previous statement and has assured the fans that there will be songs and music in the movie.

Inspirational Chinese ballad combined with Disney's original plot

Now that the director has already clarified that there will be music, the fans are wondering if the original musical numbers will be retained or if there will be new songs to be performed. Either way, the assurance of musical numbers have generally appeased the fans.

Meanwhile, the "Mulan" Live Action movie cast is still undetermined and the production team and casting producers are reportedly working double time to find the perfect actors and actresses to give life to the animated characters. Hopefully, Disney will make the decision to be culture-specific and choose an Asian actress to play the role of Mulan.