As the hit TV series "The 100" season 5 renews for another franchise, one of the recent news reveals is that Tasya Tales, who plays the role of Echo, has been promoted as a Series Regular. To recall, she was first introduced in the CW series at the end of season 2. Since then, she became a regular connection with the series lead character, Clarke and become one of their friends.

The most controversial character

Tasya Teles' Echo is one of the most controversial characters through the run of "The 100" season 4. It is known that she has survived deadly encounters during season 4. In addition, fans have been disappointed about what she had to go through.

Nonetheless, the series viewers will now have more of her scenes as she advances as a series regular of the show.

In one of the episodes of season 4, Echo also became one of the villainous characters. She went through betraying Bellamy and reached to the point of killing Ilian. Despite what she has done, Bellamy still offered her a spot in Ark during the previous season which was the reason that made her live during the finale.

As season 5 continues, it is expected that a softer Echo will be seen. Some rumors also reveal that there are chances for Echo and Bellamy to fall into a relationship. Apparently, it is going to be an exciting episode to find out. Ever since, there has been a romantic tension that is happening between the two of them so this maybe one of the reasons why Bellamy still chooses to trust her.

Some cast members won't return the show

Apart from the news that Teles has been promoted as a series regular, some reports claim that most of its cast members are no longer returning for the fifth installment of "The 100." Devon Bostick and Zach McGowan, who both played important roles on the series, are among the cast that have begged off the upcoming episodes.

In addition, Isaiah Washington, "Grey's Anatomy" alum, also confirmed the news that he won't be returning on "The 100" season 5. To recall, he was part of the series for the past four seasons. Further, along with these reports, Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer of the series, has issued an official statement about this matter.

Rothenberg added that the production has been fortunate in having Washington for the past seasons and that they loved working with him.

As of now, there are no updates yet whether or not Washington's character will still return in the upcoming episodes of the fifth installment.

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