K-pop is more popular now than ever before. Case and point: BTS. The Big Hit Entertainment boy band who made waves since their debut back in 2013 is the talk of entertainment media ever since they won the top social media award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

As a result of K-pop's increased popularity, there has been an influx of new K-pop acts since 2015. To stand out among their competition, many of them are utilizing unique angles or concepts. In one example, K.A.R.D. went the direction of a co-ed group, a rarity in K-pop in general. In another example, Dreamcatcher utilized a more hard rock sound which strays away from the pop, rap, and R&B sound that is heavily used.

There are many more debuting K-pop acts along with the aforementioned but the one that stands out with their unique angle and concept is LOONA. Formed under Blockberry Creative, the girl group is unique for revealing a new member every single month for a whole year through their "Girl of the Month" concept starting back in October of 2016.

Now the latest member of Loona is Kim Lip. Along with her reveal, her solo debut track "Eclipse" was released in the form of two music videos.

The seventh member of Loona is revealed!

Kim Lip was teased as the next Loona member to be revealed earlier this month right after Vivi.

Until it was revealed it was her, many K-pop fans speculated it would be Jinsoul. On Monday, May 15, 2017, Kim was officially revealed as the "girl in red." It was also made known during her reveal her solo track songs are "Twilight" and "Eclipse."

"Twilight" was gifted to Kim Lip by Cha Cha Malone of AOMG. Her song "Eclipse" is the one being pushed as the title track.

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It is an urban R&B song with an alluring melody. The music video showcases her sexy choreography.

Apparently, many K-pop fans were enticed by Kim Lip's sexy choreography in the "Eclipse" music video. Blockberry Creative followed up on fan interest by releasing a choreography version of the music video. It shows the both the main dance part performed by Kim along with the accompanying parts performed by four female and two male backup dancers.

K-pop fans anticipating Loona's debut are happy!

Kim Lip's reveal is actually a good sign for K-pop fans who are anticipating Loona's debut. Members for the girl group began to be revealed back in October of 2016 starting with Heejin. The plan was for a new member to be revealed every month for a whole year. After Heejin, Hyunjin was revealed in November, Haseul was revealed in December, and Yeojin was revealed in January.

For some reason, no members were released for February and March. This caused concern for K-pop fans who thought Loona was done even before they officially debuted. Thankfully, Vivi was revealed in April. Kim Lip's reveal just showed Vivi's reveal wasn't an isolated reveal. It does not mean the revealing of members will be month-to-month again, but it is more probable now.

The physical album release of Kim Lip's single album "Eclipse" is available now. K-pop fans living outside of Korea can find it available for purchase on YesAsia.