Last year BBC America renewed "Orphan Black" for a fifth and final season. The drama starts with con artist Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) witnessing the suicide of a woman that looks exactly like her. Afterwards, Sarah takes over the woman's identity, who also happened to be a police detective. Much of the series focuses on Sarah discovering that she's a clone, and the answers she seeks regarding the clones' origins. Several of her sister clones are introduced as the series progresses, as Sarah learns that someone is intent on killing her and the others.

With the help of her foster brother, Felix, and clones Alison and Cosima, she digs into their past.

Introducing a new branch of science

Creator Graeme Manson shares that series lead Tatiana Maslany has played around 116 characters within the first four seasons. There are no current plans that were shared to bring in a new clone, with season 5 focusing on the ones that have already been introduced to give them a wrap up. However, once these stories have closure, Manson says that there could be room to meet another clone. Fans can also expect Rachel (Maslany), the big bad, and another clone of Sarah's to have a surprising character arc as well as the intent to get the clones under her control. Manson went on to say that where Rachel ends up may not be what fans think.

Last season ended with the introduction of P.T. Westmoreland, a man thought to be dead for over a hundred years. Each season has revolved around a different branch of science, so through revealing Westmoreland, this will lead into the introduction of prolongevity, which, in short, is the goal -- to extend the life of an individual or population.

Flashbacks can be expected to explore the fan favorite characters of Alison, Sarah, Cosima, Rachel, and Helena, revealing new information that could surprise fans. These flashbacks will be seen in character-focused episodes.

Freedom is the theme for season 5

The theme for the final season will be freedom, following each of the clones as they have different reasons to be all-in in the fight.

Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) is determined to find a cure for herself and the others, while Sarah is fighting for their freedom, and Helena (also Maslany) is driven by her pregnancy (at the start of the season she's eight and a half months). The season has been described as having high-stakes, and will revolve around Helena's pregnancy, as well as getting to the bottom of Sarah's daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler). The BBC America drama will still include the usual "Orphan Black" hijinks.

"Orphan Black" returns with its final season on June 10 on BBC America.