Supernatural season 12 has two more episodes left and the Season Finale is expected to be emotionally intense. The teaser for the season ender showed a lot of crying and a possible return of one of the characters.


In a fast pace, “Supernatural” tease the fans of so many things expected to happen before the 12th season finally ends. British Men of Letters will have a duel with Lucifer while Kelly is slated to give birth. Castiel is in the midst of a battle against someone who is still unseen. Jody is having a comeback while Dean is in tears and reason for undisclosed reason.

Previous episodes

Looking back to the show’s season 12, many lives were lost because of the British Men of Letters’ battle against the hunters. Brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) continues to fight against the evil beings in order to protect the lives of the people around them, most especially, the people they love. Towards the end of the season, their role in a wider hunter community became stronger. As the Brits take a fight against them, they have to take the leadership.

Mary felt responsible for the things that went bad for Sam, Dean and to herself as well. She is in a much deeper trouble, and it was harder for her to get out. Since they had already realized their mistakes, they need to do something to escape from it.

Cas went to Heaven, and it got an impression, and he chose to be there rather than to be with Sam and Dean. The Winchester brothers were proven ready in sacrificing themselves for each other, through the course of season 12. The people around them showed that they are also willing to sacrifice for the siblings.

With all these thrilling scenes and the amount of anticipation for the upcoming season finale, CW believed that a season 13 is happening and even more.

That is of course if the stars in the series are willing to do it. However, if their ratings continue to fall, the show might get a cancellation. In reality, no matter how good a story is or how well the actors portray their roles, the ratings of the show are the largest determining factor for its continuity. The previous season got an average of 0.70 rating in 18-49 demographic and with 1.78 million total viewers.

The back-to-back final episodes of “Supernatural” will air on May 18, 8 pm ET on CW. We will keep you posted for more information about your favorite show as soon as information becomes available.