They are noble (most of the Times), handsome, and heroic. After intensive analysis, drooling all over the laptop, and careful selection, we have come up with a listing of all the main male characters on Once Upon a Time.

5. Merlin

Although he was briefly with the show, the "Sorcerer" was an amazing character and actor as well. Because he drank from the Holy Grail, he was granted eternal life and now we can see where he got his good looks from. Unfortunately due to Emma's dark curse, he was killed; however, the amazing Merlin will always be remembered.

4. Robin Hood

Fans are still not over what happened to Regina's "happily ever after".

Although they went through a lot together (including a child from Zelena, Regina's sister), they still managed to somehow make things work, and find happiness with each other. The handsome thief did not only steal from the poor to give to the rich, but he also stole the fandom's heart (I have been waiting so long to say that pun!)

3. Prince Charming

There is no way we could leave Charming, himself, out of the top five list. Not only he is handsome, he is heroic, brave, fearless...I can go on and on with the adjectives for this guy. Snow white's true love has been cursed and awoken others from curses; however, the real spell was put on the audience, that kept on falling in love with him each time he appeared on the screen.

2. Graham

When we had an image in mind of the wolf hunter in the Red Riding Hood, we at first most certainly were not thinking about Graham.

Now it is really difficult to think of the sheriff and not have the image of Emma Swan come to your mind, but back in the beginning when she was not quite the savior we grew to love and root for endlessly, Graham was the one with a golden star(the actual literal one strapped on his chest!).

And now for some honorable mentions, we will say Prince Philip, August (who would have thought Pinocchio would have made the list?!), and Jefferson (it is a really close match between him and Johnny Depp).

1. Captain Hook

Was anyone from the fandom expecting anyone else, but the dashing young pirate? His past is most certainly dark, influenced by negative motivations, and filled with regrettable actions; however, the fact that he changed the path he was set on to just for Emma, the love of his life, means the World to her, her family, and her much bigger family (the fandom).

Not only he is handsome (definitely 11/10), but sweet, and fearless when it comes to saving the ones he loves.

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