With a few days to go until “The Mummy” releases worldwide, it’s time to get another promo and stills featuring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. Her breakthrough arrived in 2007 when Sofia was picked for Nike as a role model of hip hop and femininity. She has released dozens of singles, including "Little L,” "Feel the Vibe,” "Wall to Wall," and others.

Universal Pictures released a new image of Sofia Boutella, who is set to play a monster in “The Mummy.” In this high-quality picture, Sofia looks incredible. We appreciate that the filmmakers covered her body with rags rather than having two pieces of cloth that could give them an R rating.

What does the filmmaker say?

Director Alex Kurtzman told Comic Book Movie that Sofia Boutella looks very cool in “The Mummy.” She is one of the most beautiful and talented Hollywood actresses to date. No doubt, Sofia is the prettiest monster ever found in a horror movie. It was not too difficult for the filmmaker to describe the character to Boutella. Being a devoted and hard-working girl, she got an idea of what she is about to play and how to portray a monster in her film.

Speaking about Sofia's character, Alex Kurtzman said that she is an ancient princess who gets awakened from her crypt beneath the deserts. Tom Cruise brings her to life and faces a lot of problems while fighting against the group of monsters.

The Mummy” reboot also features Russell Crowe and Annabelle Wallis and is set to release on June 9, 2017.

Creepy new shots

It seems that Universal Pictures has various ambitious plans for its monster movie. That was made pretty clear last week when it finally made the whole thing official by releasing a Dark Universe trailer.

Early projections reveal that “The Mummy” will gross over $55 million in its opening weekend and up to $900 million during its theoretical run.

On June 9, the film will be released alongside “Bride of Frankenstein” and “The Invisible Man.” The film was first announced in 2012 and went through various directors. Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella were in talks since December 2013.

Kurtzman reportedly hired Boutella for a significant role after seeing her performance in “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

Principal photography began in April 2016, in the United Kingdom. In July 2016, production moved to Namibia for three weeks and wrapped in August 2016. These days, Sofia Boutella is forefront in the promotional campaigns. She rose to prominence from her 2012 film titled “StreetDance 2.”