Steve Harvey is moving his daytime talk show from NBC Tower in Chicago later in May after five years. When he makes his big moves to Los Angeles, he allegedly is laying off his entire Chicago staff and will hire a whole new staff to work on his new show in Los Angeles.

Harvey's show will be revamped and known as "Steve." Viewers will be able to see the show when it begins airing on television in September. Since the show will be new, the 60-year-old comedian and Talk Show Host wants a new staff as well.

Current staff

Many current staffers were expecting to move with Harvey to Los Angeles, but they were disappointed to find out that they were being laid off instead.

Many people who were with him since the beginning of the show wanted to move with him. They were willing to move on their own just so they could continue to work for him on the new show. However, Harvey reportedly prefers to start fresh. He wasn't courteous enough to let his loyal staff know about his plans himself. Instead, he got someone else to deliver the news to his workers.

The executive producer said Harvey would talk to the staff later, but he hasn't so far and the time is approaching for the show to shut down in Chicago. This seems uncharacteristic of Steve who appears so personable. It has been rumored that he hasn't had an exit meeting with his staff of about 100 people to thank them for helping to make his show succeed for five years.

In fact, Steve Harvey just won the Daytime Emmy award last Sunday for hosting an informative talk show.

Why Los Angeles?

Harvey is moving to Los Angeles because he does a lot of traveling to the city anyway to host other shows such as "Little Big Shots." He reportedly is tired of having to travel so much. Besides, the comedian says he likes the weather better in California.

From a business point of view, Harvey will be co-producer of the show along with IMG. It is anticipated to be a great relationship because the New York-based media company's affiliate, WME, also represents Harvey. Harvey's new show will be carried on all NBC-owned stations. That means it will not be on the same network and at the same time where viewers are seeing the show this season.

The talk show host might not have talked to his staff yet, but he did release an official press release. He promised his viewers to expect a whole new show. He said he is going to embark on a new adventure where the location will allow him to welcome more celebrity guests.

Hopefully, things will work out for Harvey and his staff so that it can be a smooth transition for those who are left behind.