While many fans are expecting that "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi" will answer all the questions they have in mind, it appears that it will not happen. The previous months were filled with speculations, leaks, and theories about the characters, scenes, vehicles, and even the plot of the upcoming and much awaited eighth movie installment. Fans are connecting the dots to somehow uncover the elusive details about the much-talked about movie of the year. While the production team slowly introduces characters, more mysteries are accumulating. Among the characters that fans would like to uncover is the Supreme Leader Snoke.

While there is a building anticipation that his identity will be revealed in the upcoming instalment, a recent AMA of Vanity Fair's David Kamp might just break many hearts.

Ask me anything on Reddit

Vanity Fair's David Kamp, after his cover story about "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi" and several behind the scenes revelations, launched an Ask me Anything portion on Reddit. The AMA attracted fans and Reddit users across the globe as everyone wanted to say their own piece about several questions bothering their minds. Among the questions that were asked are about the characters. Aside from the iconic characters in the upcoming chapter of the saga, it appears that there were numerous questions about Snoke.

Interestingly, fans would like to know about the role the First Order puppet master and Supreme Leader Snoke would play in the movie.

Kamp responded by saying that he asked Rian Johnson about the ghoulish leader who trained Kylo Ren and relayed that the director told him that his role will be further downgraded in the next chapter of the trilogy. He quoted Johnson saying that Snoke is not a character that he particularly gets into in the upcoming movie.

Who is Snoke?

More details about the Puppet master were revealed in canonical books as compared to the film.

It can be recalled that the Supreme Leader had numerous apprentices before he came across Kylo Ren. In the film, "The Force Awakens," Snoke's identity was never really revealed but was rather introduced in a massive hologram. The only thing certain from the recent AMA is that the Supreme Leader would make his appearance in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" but fans should not expect that his character will be greatly given more revelation in any way.

Most likely, Johson would like to introduce the puppet master similar to the way Palpatine was introduced to fans.

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