"Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi" is undoubtedly one of the highly anticipated movies of the year. This is evidenced by the amount of speculations and leaks released about the movie. The buzz about the next installment in the movie franchise just would not end. The leaks and speculations range from the plot, places, as well as the identities of the characters. Among the characters that fans and analysts have been dying to uncover is the Supreme Leader Snoke.

Latest leak & theory

In the previous week, a Hasbro toy listing allegedly revealed several new character names for the upcoming movie.

Aside from that, it also revealed that Snoke's real name in "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi" is Victor. Known Star Wars' theorist Mike Zeroh discovered a potential connection between the name Victor and the force sensitive creature. The popular theorist revealed that the Guards of Evil listed in Hasbro are apparently the Praetorian Guards for Supreme Leader Snoke.

In the toy listing, the Guards of Evil fall under Victor. These guards are also said to be in the same scene with Leia where 7 to 10 watchers are shown standing on each side of the Supreme Leader up to his First Order Throne, which is in the Mega Destroyer. Another claim suggests that Snoke's background shows that he has his own lightsaber that he will confront in the eighth movie installment.

Going back to the toy catalog, reportedly, the Victor toy will come with a throne and a deluxe lightsaber.

What do we know about Snoke?

The identity of Supreme Leader Snoke is one of the greatest mysteries in the upcoming movie. So far, from what we have gathered, Snoke is a force-sensitive male, which appears to be humanoid.

In addition, the Supreme Leader allegedly have lizard-like alien attributes. Moreover, it is alleged that he is a member of the Sith. To some Snoke is an 8-footer giant.

In previous reports about "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi," the Supreme Leader was suggested to be Anakin Skywalker's Twin. According to this theory, it was Palpatine who utilized the Force to create life, and his greatest experiments attempt to create life from scratch.

All these, however, failed. The Force retaliated to these series of experiments and in turn created its own child believed to be Anakin. When Anakin was created a darker version was also made, however, this one lived in darkness in silence and has witnessed the rise and fall of the empire. That creation according to the theory is Snoke. Another theory claims that he is from the Unknown Regions described as an area of space enclosed by a labyrinth of gravity wells and solar storms.