Michael Jackson's youngest son Prince Michael Jackson II, better known as Blanket, has changed his name after many years of being bullied by other children.

The damage Michael Jackson did to his kids

MJ certainly did not do his youngest any justice by announcing to the world that his name was "Blanket," in fact, the poor kid has been ridiculed by his peers and he has had enough. Kids can be so cruel at times, so it is hard to pinpoint just exactly how Blanket was bullied.

Michael Jackson named all his kids Michael

It is not easy being Michael Jackson's child, just ask any of his three kids "Prince" Michael Joesph, Paris Michael, and Michael Jackson II.

The road has been a tough one since their father MJ died unexpectedly from a drug overdose. It cannot be easy trying to live a normal life with the shadow of their eccentric dad hanging over their every move. But, new reports reveal that Blanket has had the toughest time of all.

According to People, the now 15-year-old “has had the most problems adjusting after Michael died. He acted very lost and extremely upset.” Blanket changed his name in 2015 to Bigi Jackson and it is said to have made all the difference in the world. Naturally shy, the teen now carries himself with a new sense of confidence, which has helped him through the past couple of years.

He is now reported to be thriving in all areas of his life.

He feels more at ease in school, and he is doing things normal teenagers his age do such as sports and having fun with his friends. What have Michael Jackson's children been up to since that tragic day in June of 2009 when their dad, the King of Pop, died at the young age of 50-years-old?

Prince, now 20-years-old, opened up about his late father, Michael Jackson, earlier this year on "Good Morning America," revealing that his dad always supported him in anything he did, and believes he still just wants his kids to be happy.

Today he is heading up his own production company, King's Son Productions, working behind the camera on music videos and short films. He hopes to produce feature films in the near future.

Paris Jackson,19, is working as a model and actress, and made her acting debut on TV in producer Lee Daniels' Fox drama "Star" last month.

Bigi (Blanket) Jackson recently made a rare public appearance in Los Angeles, appearing to have a great time as he laughed and joked with a group of friends.

On May 29th, a new Lifetime biopic called "Searching for Neverland" will air, focusing on Michael Jackson's last two years of life, and his relationship with his three children. Are you planning on watching?