Greetings, loyal fandom of Rick and Morty! Ever since the surprise premiere of the much awaited third season of our beloved animated series on April 1 this year, the fans have been enthralled. The only question on everyone's mind, however, is when is the rest of the season coming out?

The episode title for the second episode of season three has been declared ("Rickmancing the Stone"), but the official release is yet to be announced. Fans speculated that it might release in the second week of May, the 20th to be exact, but that was a hoax, and all the hype turned to disappointment.

What is even more disappointing is that new reports are being circulated online saying that episodes of the third season will be further delayed, co-creator Dan Harmon is one of the reasons for it, although we are unsure why or in what way. These reports also claimed that the animation team is yet to finish off its work on the upcoming episodes.

News from official sources

Harmon, in one of his recent updates, had openly admitted that the scheduled date for the release of the third installment would not be met. The series being an animated tv show has intricate details that need noting down, which might have caused confusions and disagreements amidst the co-creators of the show, the reporters speculate.

The fandom is eager and thirstier than ever on proper updates and the official release dates on the Adult Swim social networking pages, but with no great luck.

Some other reports mention that the production team is ready with the plotline for the whole of the third installment and that the animation team has met the deadline as well. All of this has the fandom’s panties in a bunch.

A very recent report mentions that episode 2 will not air until July this year. It also mentions that Summer Smith will be in grave danger (this makes sense as Rick mentions in episode 1 that things are going to get darker.

Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures,” he says to Morty)

Silver Lining

Adult Swim has kept the fandom engaged and fuelled up with a constant release of teasers and short clips. Fans wait like piranhas for even a glimpse of what may come their way, and we cannot blame their excitement and unrest, for we feel the same. The teasers have kept the fandom satisfied in a manner of speaking, despite the evident and unavoidable delay of further episodes of season 3.

The magnificence of "Rick and Morty" is claiming new fans each day. The further the wait, the more the fandom multiplies in number, and the stronger the franchise gets. Some die hard fans have even gone to the extent of speculating that the delay might be a genius marketing strategy since its causing unreal hype. And why wouldn’t it, the show is nothing short of epic.

What awaits us eager folk, and when will it grace us, only time will tell. Till then, we continue our wait.