Sheryl Underwood is one of the 5 co-hosts of the CBS show "The Talk." In 2016 Underwood appeared on the daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful." Her character Emmy, was a clerk in the office where Dollar Bill Spencer sought information, regarding the legitimacy of his son Wyatt's marriage. On Thursday, Underwood was back as Emmy.

Dollar Bill Spencer

Bill Spencer Jr., is the resident bad boy on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He is so engrossed in his quest for power and money, that he was given the nickname "Dollar Bill." At this current time, Bill wants to purchase the Spectra building.

His desire is to raze it, and erect a skyscraper. The building is owned by C.J. Garrison, whose mother Sally ran Spectra fashions. C.J.'s cousins Sally decided to revive the design house. Bill would not obtain the property is Sally was successful, so he had his employee Jarrett Maxwell, write a really nasty review of Sally's designs.

Sally was unable to pay her rent, conceded to Bill, and was about to move out when Thomas Forrester paid her rent, While Bill was talking to the Spectra's, Emmy showed up in his office. She commented to his sons, Wyatt and Liam regarding their being in Bill's office. It sounded like she may have been away from her desk, and they slipped in without checking with her first.

So it seems as if Emmy is now working for Dollar Bill, rather than the clerk's office.

The Spencer employees

If Emmy indeed has been employed by the Spencer's. we probably will not see much of her. Bill's regular receptionist Allison and his friend/partner in crime Justin are rarely on camera. They show up once in a while to help Bill with some project but for the most part are MIA.

Sheryl Underwood walking through the office door at Spencer Publications, every blue moon, will be just about average based on the camera time the other two are getting.

Underwood also did a stint on "The Young and the Restless." it was only a one time deal. Although she has been back on "The Bold and the Beautiful," she probably will not, however, quit her day job on "The Talk." It would be nice to see Sheryl Underwood as Emmy, putting Dollar Bill Spencer and his sons in their place from time to time.

She would be a welcome change, and more than likely, Emmy might hold Bill Spencer's feet to the fire. Perhaps if Justin gets more air time, the two may have a fling. One never knows, so fans can only keep watching to find out if the character of Emmy takes off or simply pops in now and again.