scheana marie has just wrapped the newest season of "Vanderpump Rules" which was one a rough one for her. Scheana had to relive her decision to end her marriage, as she learned that her husband, Mike Shay, had been lying to her about his drug use. Even though Marie stood by him throughout his addiction previously, Marie had no interest in doing it again if he was lying to her. While filming the show, Scheana kept saying that everything was just fine. When her co-stars learned that she had been lying, they were shocked. Some people even called her fake for not being honest about her problems.

Since her divorce, Scheana Marie has moved on from her decision and she's ready to make this year her best one yet. And this "Vanderpump Rules" star is now relaxing and diving deep into some new Netflix shows, possibly with her new boyfriend.

Scheana Marie tweets about popular Netflix series

Earlier this week, Marie decided to share that she had been watching the popular show, "13 Reasons Why," which is an original Netflix series. The show is about a girl who commits suicide. But when Scheana opened up about it on Twitter, she was immediately attacked by some people.

The person who replied to Scheana Marie's first tweet later deleted the tweet, but Scheana's reply remains on Twitter.

And it sounds like the series is emotional for her to watch, as she has lost someone to suicide once before.

Of course, Marie isn't the only person to tweet about "13 Reasons Why." Many people have used Twitter to express how much they like the show and how incredible the show's storyline is, even though it may be emotional.

'13 Reasons Why' has been criticized despite high viewership

Even though "13 Reasons Why" has become a huge hit for Netflix, it has also been criticized. Some people are concerned that the show will glorify teenage suicide and may encourage others to commit suicide simply because of the attention it could bring. There have been no documented suicides that have happened due to the show, but it can be tricky to talk about suicide with this particular age group.

Regardless, Scheana Marie appears to be watching the show as a viewer and may not be putting too much thought into the subject matter at hand. While she does know someone who has passed away from committing suicide, she may not start a campaign, encouraging young people to watch the show.

What do you think of Scheana Marie's tweet about the Netflix show, which resulted in her being attacked on social media?