Leah Messer is back for another season of "Teen Mom 2," as she prepares to document a whole new chapter of her life. While filming "Teen Mom 2" a few years ago, Messer revealed that she had struggled with depression and anxiety, and she was seen snoozing off while the camera crew was present. This started a whole discussion about whether she was sober and Leah had to defend herself. She eventually landed herself in court over custody, but the judge agreed that she posed no danger to herself or her children.

Maybe the court date was something that encouraged Leah Messer to turn things around for herself.

While filming "Teen Mom 2", Leah applied to go to college and she started looking at how she could make it work for herself. She's also launched a lipgloss line, something she often promotes on social media. While she does share pictures of herself on Instagram wearing the lip gloss, she's now using her children as well.

Leah Messer gets encouragement from Instagram post

This past week, Leah Messer posted a picture of daughter Aleeah wearing some lipgloss. In the picture, the girls have tried to make a design that's fun and exciting to play around with. And in the caption for the photo, Leah talks about how they are bonding over this experience, how the lipgloss is her business and encourages people to buy her products.

"Lip art with #lipsense is sooo much fun! This isn't our best but it was fun!! Summer break is finally here! #girltime #mommydaughtertime," Leah Messer wrote on Instagram.

Even though many people would have an opinion about whether Leah should have posted this picture of her daughter, it sounds like the majority of her fans really enjoy seeing a picture of Aleeah.

Leah Messer has changed her life around since depression and anxiety diagnosis

Since admitting on the show that she's struggled with depression and anxiety during her second marriage, Messer has done everything to turn her life around. She got professional help to deal with her problems and she's now planning on going back to school to get an education.

She has also launched this business, which seems to be gaining steam. She is always sharing positive updates about the business.

What do you think of Leah Messer's decision to use her daughter to promote her lipgloss product? Do you think it is wise since her "Teen Mom 2" fan base is so big and it could boost sales, or do you think she should keep her children separate from her business?