scheana marie and Mike Shay are officially divorced. Their marriage was officially over last week after months of waiting for a California judge to sign off on their paperwork. Scheana spoke out about how she gave Shay $50,000 as a parting gift and the two went their separate ways, She didn't waste any time before slamming him as an addict. Whatever feelings these two shared are clearly gone now that they are divorced.

Scheana Marie is dating Robert Valletta

Shortly after Scheana Marie announced she would be filing for divorce from Mike Shay, a new man appeared on her social media accounts.

She kept his face hidden for weeks before finally spilling the tea on his identity. Robert Valletta is now dating Scheana. The two have been seeing one another for months, and it appears things may be getting serious. According to Us Weekly, Scheana Marie attended a premiere party with Robert Valletta for his new show. The two coordinated their outfits rather well and she appeared to be happier than fans have seen her in a long time.

"Vanderpump Rules" was picked up for a sixth season. It was recently announced that Bravo renewed the show along with a long list of others on the network. It is unclear if Scheana Marie will film with Robert Valletta but fans are hoping they will be able to see who he is and what he is about.

Her track record with men hasn't exactly been clean. From the scandal with Brandi Glanville's husband to marrying Mike Shay without knowing he was addicted to prescription pills, there isn't much faith in her romantic choices.

Scheana Marie hangs with Lala Kent

Photos from the event Scheana Marie attended with Robert Valletta show that she has reconciled her friendship with Lala Kent.

After the "Vanderpump Rules' reunion, speculation was that Scheana and Ariana Madix forgave Kent and are hanging out with her now. That was proven to be true and now, there is speculation that she may return to the show next season.

The idea that Scheana Marie has moved on from Mike Shay with Robert Valletta is good news for her.

She has been working hard to leave her marriage in the past and move forward from it. Scheana loved Shay and despite his failure to disclose his addiction, she stood by him while others were urging her to walk away. Valletta seems to respect Scheana and that is something that was lacking for the last bit in her marriage. Fans hope the best for Scheana Marie in her relationship with Robert Valletta.