ABC has finally decided to bring "scandal" Season 7 as the last season to be aired. This means to say that viewers will now be saying goodbye to the adventures of Olivia Pope and her gladiators in 2018. Further, ABC is expected to make the official announcement at its Upfront presentation in New York City next week.

"Scandal" is one of ABC's most-watched and buzziest dramas on Twitter during its run. It can be recalled that Shonda Rhimes hinted during the previous months the end date of a certain show, and perhaps, the time has come to draw the curtain off the series.

Rhimes decided to end the series, not the network

Shonda Rhimes' "Scandal" is part of ABC's popular Thursday lineup. It has been a TV hit of the network and has to place Rhimes' name into dominance and made a big name out of Kerry Washington who plays Washington D.C. fixer, Olivia Pope.

This announcement is no longer a surprise to the "Scandal" fans. In fact, Rhimes previously revealed that the show would have a shorter shelf life than the original hit, "Grey's Anatomy." Thus, it is safe to say that the show's ending was based on Rhimes' decision and not from the network. "I feel that there is a finite amount of Scandal to be told," Rhimes told NPR.

'Scandals' made network and stars popular

The show is among the 20 highest-rated shows in 2016 and its current season has gained an average of 5.699 million viewers as a whole.

Basically, it remained as the ABC's most popular series and even become the best reason why the network repeatedly beats other broadcasters on the Thursday night ratings.

Moreover, amidst the popularity of the series, it also made the network and the cast members rise to prominence.

It is safe to say; their wallets have also grown and become thicker. Washington, who plays as the lead star, routinely enlisted her name on Forbes' list of highest-paid TV actress.

Further, being on the show made her more popular and which made her lands more expensive endorsement deals like Neutrogena and Apple Music. "Scandal" has turned Washington into a major star.

She has become a much-needed personality on the prime time.

After the success of "Scandal," Rhimes also brought another name to fame. Viola Davis, an African-American woman, is the first black woman who ever won Emmy for Best Lead Actress in Drama. Rhimes told Forbes, "There's always room for our film and television, to be more representatives of who we are as a culture."