Not too long after the finale for season 12 was aired last week, the news about the renewal of #Supernatural Season 13 was also quick to make frenzy in the headlines. Following the last season's tragic finale, the viewers are now left with a bunch of cliff-hangers on what's going to happen in the upcoming installment and when will be its official release.

Several predictions and fan-made spoilers about season 13 are expected to be rampant in the next few days. While not too many details were hinted after the renewal was formally announced, considering how survival and deaths took place during the previous season, things may just get a little bit bloodier this time around.

Seeing how the Winchesters went through such nerve-wracking situations, unexpected turn of events, and twists, the spoilers are now saying that danger will be coming for everyone in "Supernatural" season 13, especially now that Lucifer's (Mark Pellegrino) baby has just been discovered alive and now enjoying the appearance of a teenager.

Season 13 is a bad start for the Winchesters

It can be too early to make predictions about the new season, but what's making it more exciting is the fact that a new enemy will be introduced. It was pretty clear how Sam and Dean had originally wished for a happy ending, but Lucifer and his menacing plans didn't even give them a bit of chance to experience it.

After losing Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley's (Mark A.

Sheppard) lives to Lucifer in the latter, "Supernatural" season 13 is definitely not going to be a good start for Sam and Dean. While Sam discovers that Lucifer's son is just around the corner, it is not clear yet on how he can turn the table for himself and save his father from being trapped in an alternate reality.

Things we already know about Season 13

As the series moves forward to another chapter, the plots may be angled to Lucifer's baby and how the young villain can go after Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester's lives (Jensen Ackles), who were after his life at the time when he was on his mother's womb.

The finale ended with Alexander Calvert's quick appearance as Lucifer's son named Jack.

Calvert, who was introduced as the newest character in "Supernatural" is about to make another beginning of a story in season 13.

As per the latest spoilers, Jack, who grew up in a span of minutes after his mother Kelly (Courtney Ford) died of giving birth, will continue what his father started. However, everything about this new character and the rest of the details for "Supernatural" season 13 will be under wraps for now.

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