Not all the cast members of “Return To Amish” were raised in an Amish community. Her adoptive parents raised Sabrina High as a Mennonite. Now, the world learns that Carmela Raber, Jeremiah Raber's wife, was raised in a cult.

Carmela's past involvement with a cult brought them together

Before marrying Jeremiah, Carmela told TLC she had been raised in a cult. Although she didn't give them TLC interviewer the name of the cult, she did say the leader was fascinated by the end times. She went on to say this is one of the reasons she fell in love with Jeremiah.

Like Jeremiah Raber's Amish community, Carmela also grew up in a strict community. She believes sharing a common background brought her and Jeremiah closer together. Her lack of details make fans of “Return to Amish” just exactly what kind of a cult she and her family were involved with.

Carmela knew of Jeremiah Raber's violent past

Carmela went on to tell the TLC interviewer, despite the fact she was going to marry Jeremiah, she was not concerned about his past. She didn't want to hear any more about his past. Based on her comments during the interview, it appears Carmela Raber was very much aware of what happened during her husband's first marriage. Jeremiah had been arrested and convicted of domestic violence against his first wife.

Seeing she is aware of both his arrest and conviction, it is highly like Carmela Raber also knows Jeremiah's first wife was given an order of protection against her then-husband. She could also know the first wife lived in a domestic violence safe house. It is even possible she knows the real reason Jeremiah was not allowed to see his children from his first marriage.

Reasons Carmela could regret marrying Jeremiah

Carmela Raber may currently be rethinking her previous stance on her husband's past. She recently filed charges against Jeremiah. He was arrested for domestic violence.

Carmela told local law enforcement officer her poured hot coffee on her. She also showed them bruises on her legs and also on her arms.

Carmela Raber said the law enforcement officers he hit her daily with a closed fist.

The situation gets even worse for the newlyweds. Carmela was granted protection from abuse order against Jeremiah Raber. They are currently separated. At the time of publication, it was unknown if they couple might reunite or if Carmela was even considering taking her husband back.

We'd love to know what you think. Are you surprised Carmela grew up in a cult? Do you think this influenced her decision to marry a man who was known to be abusive towards women?

Did Jeremiah take advantage of his wife's past and use that to make her his second abused wife? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.