Fans of the heavily criticized TV series, "13 Reasons Why" was overjoyed when Netflix recently confirmed that the second season was already given the green light. While the airdate for the much-awaited comeback is still on 2018, most fans are wondering if the main character of the story, Hannah Baker, will still be in Season 2. Fans and analysts alike can speculate about her return in the TV series. However, the most legit answer can only come from the people behind the series.

Yorkey has the answer

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, "13 Reasons Why" showrunner Bryan Yorkey confirmed that there is more to Hannah's story.

When asked if Hannah Baker will be in season 2, Yorkey's answer was a resounding. He was quoted saying that one of the many things that are still open-ended in the series is on who will take the blame for Hannah's death. He added that the question needs to be explored if anyone is indeed responsible for her death.

The showrunner noted that one way to explore the question is through a trial. He added that the kids involved in the series are still in the process of reflecting on where they are and what other secrets are being revealed. In other words, the second season will bring the fans back to the past and into Hannah's story.

What to expect in season 2?

Yorkey added that the second season would have fresh context for events previously shown in the series.

Also, he said that more things that were not heard about would be shown that will fill in several interesting gaps. These will further make people understand who Hannah Baker was and the kind of life she lived.

Aside from that, the showrunner revealed that "13 Reasons Why" season 2 will take place in both past and present setting.

He added that there will still be voice overs, but it will be a new narrator. When asked about the cliffhangers in season 1 finale, Yorkey answered that they are all related and will be shed light in the upcoming season.

The showrunner assures the fans that they will continue to tell the story in a very honest way. Interestingly, he said that all the questions bothering the minds of the fans would be answered.

In fact, he stated that there would be more than just answering the questions. Yorkey also revealed that they will still use the truthful and honest approach to the way the characters in the story go through their individual painful times. He added that in "13 Reasons Why" season 2, the fans and the characters will discover hope amidst the dark times.