The world premiere of “Wonder Woman” was held ahead of the release of the film that is scheduled for June 2 release. It was supposed to be held in London, but the venue was shifted to Los Angeles because of the terror attack in Manchester.

The new venue was Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, and the stars like Gal Gadot were present along with Patty Jenkins, the director of the Warner Bros. film about women Superheroes. To add to the excitement, Lynda Carter appeared briefly – she had portrayed the role of “Wonder Woman” in the TV series of the 1970s.

What actors say about the movie?

Los Angeles Times reports that it was a diverse crowd with many of them sporting black T-shirts that carried the famous double W logo of “Wonder Woman.” The Warner Bros. film, as its name suggests, is mostly of girl power and female superheroes but those associated with it did not want to categorize it as a feminist film. The reason was obvious – they did not want to lose the support of the male fans.

In the opinion of Charles Roven, the producer of the movie, “Wonder Woman” is the story of a woman who became a great character who, he identified, as a very specific woman and an inspiration for others. The character is a creation of DC Comics.

One of the stars who plays the role of Amazonian Penthesilea is Brooke Ence.

She is a CrossFit athlete and has commented that there is excitement among the boys also about the film.

However, Samantha Jo, who plays Euboea in the film, has different ideas. She is a martial artist from Canada, and she says that feminism is about the equality of men and women. “Wonder Woman” is a film where a woman is fighting alongside men.

She goes on to add that this is not anything unique because there have been movies of men fighting alongside women. Ultimately, it is the quality of the film that matters.

Candice Patton who plays Iris on "The Flash" was all praises for “Wonder Woman” because there are very few female superheroes in film or TV. She hopes that the film will strike a right chord with the audience and put it on par with the superheroes like Batman and Superman.

The future of such films

Women-centric action movies are rare. The general concept that the audience has of superheroes are the likes of Batman and Superman. Therefore, once “Wonder Woman” of Warner Bros. gains acceptance, it would set a new trend of a woman in the role of a superhero.

Any movie is an entertainment package, and in order to win over the audience, special effects are important because that can make or break a film. Hence, it is not just the quality of the actors and a gripping storyline but the special effects that decide the fate of a movie. It would help the cause of women superheroes if “Wonder Woman” can leave a lasting impression on its fans and succeeds in its venture.