Is Rihanna hiding a Baby Bump under a baggy sweatshirt and big purse? A new photo of Rihanna has fans going crazy trying to figure out if RiRi could possibly be pregnant with her first child. The photo shows Rihanna wearing some concealing baggy clothes, which is out of the ordinary for her -- according to Hollywood Life. The new pic began circulating online and also appears to show Rihanna carrying an overly large purse right in front of her tummy area -- which, if you follow celebrity news, almost always indicates a baby bump being hidden.

Fans believe Rihanna might be havng a baby, if so, who could the father be?

Reports reveal that the picture was snapped last weekend in Manhattan where the singer was spotted by photographers sporting an oversized top and ripped jeans, paired with white Balenciaga ankle boots. Some comments on the recent Rihanna pic have even claimed the “Love on the Brain” singer was “glowing.”

Rihanna does appear to be sporting a fuller than normal figure, but it could just be the clothes, the angle, or that she may have been neglecting her diet and exercise plan lately. Right now, it's all fan hype and speculation because even if it turns out that RiRi is expecting a baby she will not talk about it until she is good and ready, maybe not even until after the alleged baby is born.

Drake, Chris Brown, or someone else?

Now, if one were to buy the speculation and assume that she is pregnant, the next question would be: Who is the father? Let's talk about Ri's latest male interactions. There is Drake, which was made public, her on again and off again encounters with Chris Brown, and any number of unknown, unnamed men who have met the singer over the past few months.

Either way, fans will be keeping a close eye on this to see if there are any further developments.

Would Rihanna, should she be expecting, decide to go the old-fashioned route and get with the baby daddy, or would she opt for being a single mom and raising the alleged offspring on her own?

Rihanna also made news headlines a couple of days ago after an overzealous fan was arrested for trespassing at her New York City apartment building.

The fan was identified as Salmir Feratovic, 33. It was reported that the man had recently been to the apartment building and was told to leave and never return. The man had even reportedly sent out a tweet about Rihanna, asking: "Why she is not with me?" Scary stuff.

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