Last month, fans were shocked when "Rick and Morty" season 3 premiered its first episode. That is just the beginning of season 3 to be more insane and exciting. According to the newest video footage released by Adult Swim, the series creator, Dan Harmon, explained that Rick would become highly-alcoholic as the episode continues. Thus, in episode 304, viewers will see him drunk. In that behind the scene video, Harmon asked Roiland to demonstrate how it is getting drunk.

Roiland gets drunk over tequila shots?

As part of the production, Harmon asked Roiland to act out how is it to be drunk.

Thus, Roiland immediately followed the request of his co-showrunner and went down four shots of tequila, then a beer, and eventually one more shot of tequila. One of the associate producers of "Rick and Morty" season 3, Sydney Ryan, warned him about taking lots of tequila, but all of the sudden, the liquor just adds up to the new personality of Roiland.

The latest video footage revealed some of Roiland's actions and commented being drunk; however, most of it simply made him so funny. The episode doesn't offer much detail on the forthcoming episodes of the series, but it simply gives some glimpse of Rick being drunk. Ryan added, "So, thanks a lot, Harmon." What will it be like seeing Rick drunk?

Perhaps, this makes the upcoming episodes more interesting!

Season 3 will return this summer

It took fans a longer time waiting for "Rick and Morty" season 3 to be back on TV. Basically, to everyone who just wanted to hear good news, its third franchise will finally return in summer. But what will these viewers expect from season 3?

Presumably, the forthcoming episodes will feature more exciting adventures of Rick and Morty. Rick will be featured as a drunken shenanigan on one of its episode. For the meantime, fans would have the chance to enjoy this epic drunk enactment of Roiland on its recent behind the scene video clip.

Roiland rocks few shots and eventually went inside the recording room which made Ryan increasingly frustrated.

Perhaps, all the good stuff are shown in the clip but not much on its episode 3. Apparently, the uncontrollable side of Roiland being drunk is shown on that video footage, and it will leave everyone happy.

Fans can check it out and dare to watch how Roiland showed the drunken side of Rick on episode 304. Stays tuned and let’s wait for more updates as Harmon and Roiland make more exciting footage soon!