Jeremiah Raber's treatment of women landed him in hot water again. This time, he was not arrested. Instead, the “Return to Amish” and “Breaking Amish” star was fired from a movie.

Jeremiah had been working on his first movie when he was suddenly let go. According to a statement from the set's production, he was fired because of sexual advancements he made to an actress who was also working on the film with him. At the time of publication, the name of the movie was unknown.

The sexual advances were not the only reasons Jeremiah Raber was dismissed.

The set's production also claims he was a liar. At the time of publication, it was unknown what they believe Jeremiah had been lying about.

Excuses or a good reason?

When asked about being fired from the movie, Jeremiah Raber, as always, went to his standard statement about how everyone makes mistakes and he is no different. Jeremiah was fired from the movie before he married his current wife, Carmela Mendez-Raber. She was aware of why he was let go.

Domestic violence not a secret

Carmela Raber was also aware of her husband's past arrest and conviction of domestic violence. She knew he had been found guilty of abusing his first wife. It is possible she knew his first wife had to live in a domestic violence safe house.

Carmela is aware of Jeremiah's past, so it's likely that she knows why he was unable to see his children.

Sadly, the second Mrs. Raber also filed domestic violence charges against Jeremiah. She contacted local Law Enforcement Officers after he threw hot coffee on her lap. She was able to show the law enforcement officers bruises on her arms as well as her legs.

Carmela Raber also alleged Jeremiah hit her, with a closed fist, on a daily basis.

Jeremiah Raber was arrested for domestic violence. Because of an Order Of Protection that was given to Carmela, he can have no contact with her. This is for her own safety. His first wife also was granted an order of protection against him.

What do you think about Jeremiah Raber being fired from a movie due to alleged sexual advances to an actress. Are you surprised Carmela married him, assuming she knew about his past?