Jeremiah Raber is not only known for the TLC hit reality shows “Breaking Amish” and “Return to Amish.” He is also famous for his violent past and violent present. The reality television star has more than one arrest for domestic violence. Raber's first wife, like his current wife, had him arrested for domestic violence. She was granted an Order Of Protection against him. Not only was Jeremiah arrested, he was also convicted of abusing his then-wife.

Jeremiah's first wife lived in a domestic violence safe house

The details of the spousal abuse have not been widely reported.

It was reported that his first wife spent some time in a safe house for abused women. It is unknown if their children went with her or if she made other arrangements for them. It has been reported that this is the reason Jeremiah was unable to see his children with his first wife. He was finally able to see them, though, as their visit was part of a past episode of “Return to Amish.”

Jeremiah's second marriage mirrors his first marriage

Like his first wife, Jeremiah Raber's second wife, Carmela Raber, also had him arrested for domestic violence. She was also granted an order of protection against him. At the time of publication, it was unknown if Carmela also stayed in a safe house for abused women.

When Carmela Raber pressed charges against her husband, she claimed he had thrown hot coffee in her lap. She also showed local Law Enforcement Officers bruises on her arms and on her legs. She explained to the law enforcement officers that Jeremiah hit her with a closed fist. She went on to say that he hit her on a daily basis.

Although the situation Carmela Raber is currently in mirrors the relationship her husband had with his first wife, there are several differences. First of all, they do not currently have any children. Unlike with his first marriage, it has been reported that Jeremiah Raber wants to go to counseling.

Jeremiah is seeking help

Jeremiah is wanting to work things out with Carmela.

Although going to counseling is a good first step to controlling his violent behaviors, it may not be enough to mend their marriage. At the time of publication, it was unknown if Carmela was even considering forgiving him or taking him back. Jeremiah does want forgiveness. He took to social media, asking his current wife to forgive his past violent behavior. He posted on Facebook, explaining how he was wrong, currently seeking help, and wanting to make their marriage work.

What do you think? Should Carmela overlook Jeremiah's past and take him back? Can a man stop abusing his wife and make their marriage work?