Jeremiah Raber isn't the only member of the “Return to Amish” cast who doesn't know how to treat women. It appears Abe Schmucker is having difficulties respecting his wife, Rebecca Schmucker. Rebecca dreams of becoming a dentist and her husband is firmly against the idea.

Dashed dreams of getting an education

Rebecca Schmucker has always wanted an education. This was revealed in the first Amish series on TLC, “Breaking Amish.” When still living in her Amish community, Rebecca wanted to get her GED. This was frowned upon and she never received her high equivalency.

She restated her dream of finishing her education, adding how much she wanted to become a dentist, to her husband, Abe. He does not want this to happen. Abe Schmucker doesn't believe people need to further their education.

Typical Amish beliefs

Abe's belief is widely accepted in the Amish communities. The Amish usually do not allow their children and young adults to go to school past eighth grade. Instead of continuing their educations, they work on the Amish farms, get married and have children. Amish women are rarely allowed to work outside their homes after they are married. This is almost never allowed unless there is a dire financial need for them to have to help earn money for their families.

Abe Schmucker must still believe this. He explained to Rebecca it was her job, as a woman, to take care of their children and their home. He also made it clear it was his job to work outside their home and to provide financially for their family.

Not about money

For Rebecca Schmucker, continuing her education and becoming a dentist has little to do with money.

All of her teeth were pulled when she was young. This caused her to feel awkward and unattractive, despite having dentures. When she had additional dental work done, Rebecca felt as if it had changed her life. She simply wants to change lives, the way her life was changed, and help people feel better about themselves.

Because of Abe Schmucker's stern objections to Rebecca continuing and finishing her education, it appears Rebecca has given up on her dream.

As with most Amish wives, it appears she is submitting to her husband's will instead of doing something she feels quite strongly about.

Please let us know what you think. Should Amish girls and women be able to continue their education? Is Abe out of line telling Rebecca she should not and can not become a dentist? Should Rebecca rebel against her husband and do it anyway? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.