Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked the world when they admitted that they were getting divorced. Now, the "Troy" actor regrets drinking too much alcohol when he was still married to Jolie.

According to a recent report from ABC, Brad Pitt is now blaming himself for losing Angelina Jolie. The "World War Z" actor's actions triggered the problems in their marriage. He reportedly did things that were hurtful to his family, which led to the failure of their marriage.

Brad Pitt talks about Angelina Jolie divorce, drugs and alcohol

The outlet unveiled that the "Troy" star is now regretting what he did in the past, especially when it comes to drinking.

Pitt reportedly thinks his bad actions were the reasons why Jolie left him.

In his recent interview with GQ Style Magazine, the "Fight Ball" actor admitted that he used alcohol and drugs while he was still with the "By The Sea" actress. The "Inglourious Basterds" shared that he often comes home with a smelly mouth which was probably caused by his vices. Pitt even shared that he used to say a lot of bad words and do wrong things towards his family including Jolie.

Today, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" actor is reportedly receiving help for his mental health ever since Jolie filed for divorce in August last year. As per his interview, Pitt has no one else to blame but himself. Fortunately, he is now getting better every day with the help of therapy.

Pitt stated that he already checked out with two therapists just to get the right help he needs.

Pitt's loneliness, custody, and divorce battle with Jolie

The report further indicated how Pitt felt lonely when Jolie left him. The ex-power couple had a nasty battle as both of them tried to win the custody of their six children.

Pitt is reportedly trying to become a better father and man so he can show his kids that he deserves to be their dad.

In fact, the interview stated that the "Allied" actor already replaced alcohol with water and cranberry juice. Pitt even joked that he might already have the cleanest urinary tract in the world.

In the meantime, Pitt also admits that he has not been the greatest father to his them, but now he knows that he needs to be there for the kids and wants to show them much he loves them.

Brad Pitt says his divorce from Angelina Jolie made him feel like he is already dead. However, he knows he needs to set her free because that is what true love is.