Jim Jeffries is one of the most talented comedians in the world, and he has gained most of his fame and notoriety with his no-nonsense approach to delivering the truth to his audience. It seems that these exact features have earned the talented comedian a new show at Comedy Central.

Jeffries’ truth

There is virtually no-topic that is too taboo to be tackled by Jim Jeffries. He is one of the few comedians out there, along with the likes of Louis C.K and Anthony Jeselnik, who is unafraid to say things as they really are. Jeffries is all set to carry his fearless persona to Comedy Central for his very own show later this year.

Apart from his general attitude, what sets Jeffries apart is the fact that he also brings an “Australian” point of view to international events. According to a press release by Comedy Central, these are the points that the network is looking to tap into. In the press release the network said: “Jefferies will be bringing his inquisitive and international point of view to Comedy Central. Namely, he’ll be tackling culture, politics and the unavoidable subject that is Donald Trump.”

Right timing

Jeffries will take this show on the road during the course of the series as he looks to travel the world and cover some controversial issues. The timing could not be more perfect for Comedy Central to experiment with such a series, as there is a constant chatter in the media these days about the integrity of journalists.

Comedy Central has always been keen to showcase young and talented comedians on their network, and this show doesn't stray too far from their core philosophy.

With a harsh and unapologetic point of view, Jeffries will look to speak his mind and cover events with an unbiased opinion. The comedian has already had a successful stint on television recently, with his show “Legit” gaining quite a bit of fan-following during the course of its two-season run.

Jeffries has also been touring various countries with his stand-up special titled “Freedumb," and you can even catch this special on Netflix. Most recently, Jeffries was a hot topic on social media for his battle with Piers Morgan on Bill Maher’s show – “Real Time with Bill Maher." It just might have been his extreme criticism of the British television personality that earned Jeffries his new show.