This December, "Star Wars" fans will finally be able to get the answers to some of their most burning questions once "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" hits the silver screens. The latest installment in the highly popular sequel trilogy is potentially one of the most anticipated chapters in the entire "Star Wars" franchise due to the impact it will have on the original trilogy's characters. Additionally, it was teased earlier in the month that the movie would feature the biggest twist in the franchise's history. A twist that is apparently bigger than Darth Vader revealing to Luke that he is his father is saying a lot.

Luke and Leia reunion

While there isn't yet any hints regarding the possible nature of the big twist, new reports have revealed that one of the big highlights of the upcoming new installment may be the long awaited reunion between the Skywalker Twins, Luke and Leia. If the reunion will indeed happen, then it would be the most nostalgic reunions in the franchise's history.

Pablo Hidalgo, the Story Group executive at Lucasfilm, recently attended a convention in Chile and reportedly confirmed that a reunion was indeed happening. After 30 years, fans of the franchise may finally be seeing the iconic characters sharing the same scenes once again.

Lost in translation

Despite the flood of reports that mentions the specific convention in Chile, those who have attended the event have now claimed that there may have been a problem with how Hidalgo's statements were translated.

A user on Reddit even mentioned that he heard no such confirmation from Hidalgo during the event. Instead, Hidalgo was talking about the "strong bond" between the siblings. This has, of course, caused a lot of confusion amongst fans, who were already hyped up to see the touching reunion.

Creating more confusion

Walt Disney Studios recently released a number of brand new magazine covers for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," which were published by Vanity Fair.

The photos were intended to show fans how the cast would look in the upcoming movie. However, one photo, which shows Luke hugging Leia, instantly created a buzz amongst fans, who took it as a confirmation that a reunion will indeed happen. Lucasfilm and Disney likely knew beforehand the outcome of releasing such a picture. Unfortunately, both companies are continually keeping a tight lid on the film's details despite the numerous request for hints at the possible events that will be transpiring.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 15.