"Prison Break," Season 5, returned without the same energy as seasons 1 through 4. The first 3 episodes had new characters and was taking place mostly in Yemen. This made the storyline somewhat difficult to follow. Loyal fans stayed tuned, however, trusting that the excitement of the past would return. The wait paid off last week in episode 5.4. The drought is over and the show is back in action.

The big reveals from episode 5.4

In episode 5.4, the pace has quickened, and fans are once again on the edge of their seats. We learned last Tuesday Night, that someone named Poseidon seems to be pulling all the strings.

In one scene, just after this name was mentioned, an Asian man was shown. This seemed to imply that he is the mastermind behind all the goings on. Kellerman told T Bag that if he found Poseidon, he would have answers. So Poseidon is most likely behind Michael's incarceration and paying one million dollars for T Bag to obtain a new prosthetic hand. He obviously is this season's "Prison Break" villain that everyone will be trying to take down.

There are two assassins, one male and the other female who have been on the loose since season 5 began. It seems they are working for Poseidon. The hitman and woman are going all over town with guns a-blazing. And walking away without ever being caught. They shot Sarah's new husband in the leg, in episode 5.1.

He ended up hospitalized, with a life-threatening wound to his femoral artery. Last week one of the dastardly duo shot Kellerman. It is not clear if he lived or died.

Sarah's reaction will shift 5.5

The biggest reveal of 5.4 came when T Bag was taking photos of the assassins in a parking lot. A third individual walked up to them, and it was Sarah's husband.

He obviously is working with the people who shot him. Sarah has been sleeping with the enemy and had no clue. This is why 5.5 is the episode that everyone needs to watch. Sarah's reaction on Tuesday night is going to change everything.

In 5.1 when it was revealed that Sarah had a husband, fans knew that he was not a keeper. This is because Michael Scofield reuniting with his former wife and Mike Jr.

is inevitable. When Sarah's current spouse was shot in the femoral artery, some viewers believed he would bleed out and die. This would have immediately set Sarah free to go on the run and search for her not so dead first husband. Ironically, last Tuesday, on the other side of the world, Michael Scofield has made his first prison break, and will no doubt be trying to find a way home to his wife and son.

Knowing Sarah, she will at first attack T Bag, accusing him of trying to trick her. Eventually, the truth will set in. She will have to disconnect from the man she has come to love, and possibly need to trust the one who one tried to rape her. All the while doing everything she can to keep young Michael safe. This is why Tuesday night's episode 5.5 is one that fans will love. This is where Season 5 really takes off. Make sure you don't miss it.