While most talk show hosts in the past would have been excited about having the U.S. President on their shows, Ellen DeGeneres definitely would not invite Donald Trump onto hers.

As reported by Page Six, DeGeneres was interviewed Friday by Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” and they spoke about a variety of things, but then the U.S. President came up as a subject. Ellen said she would not welcome Trump onto her show, mainly because she knows she is not going to be able to change his mind, adding that he is against everything she stands for.

It turns out Ellen has met Trump in the past.

She said they both filmed a segment related to “Celebrity Apprentice” for her show some years ago. DeGeneres added that she flew in his helicopter with him and knew him back then, but she says she hasn’t spoken to Trump since the run up to the presidential elections, or since he became president.

Trump is against everything Ellen stands for

Ellen recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of coming out as a lesbian. Back then she came out during an episode of her popular sitcom, “Ellen.” In the Lauer interview, DeGeneres went on to imply that Trump’s various, and now well-documented, comments relating to women and immigrants – and other topics – are totally against her own views.

She believes she cannot change that.

She went on to explain to Lauer that we need to be able to look at another person, who might look different to us and believe in things we don’t believe in, and still be able to accept them as they are and allow them their rights.

Both Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres are celebrating 20th anniversaries

As reported by Today, Lauer also appeared on Ellen’s show earlier in the week. Initially they spoke about how they are both celebrating a 20th anniversary. Lauer said DeGeneres is celebrating something which changed many lives, while he has spent 20 years on the “Today” show.

It also turns out that both Lauer and DeGeneres are going to turn 60 around the end of the year.

Lauer also spoke about Donald Trump on the show. He has known Trump through most of his years working in the entertainment industry. DeGeneres asked Lauer his views on Trump’s “war on the media.” Matt said he believes it’s something that Trump says in front of a crowd of his supporters, getting a great reaction from them. Lauer doesn’t believe Trump hates the media. In fact he says Trump is someone who has always loved the media more than other people.

Ellen then said that she thought Trump hates the media that is attacking him, to which Matt replied that you can’t have things both ways. He added that it is not possible to have a media that says only what you want it to say.

Lauer then went on to say he believes it will all eventually die down.

To lighten things up, Ellen managed to successfully prank Matt.

As for DeGeneres, she is very active in various social causes including the fight against breast cancer, PETA and UNICEF. Back in 2016 she received a People’s Choice Award for her humanitarian work.