The 'Pokémon GO' app continues to increase its popularity in a surprising way thanks to the millions of fans who play every day this exciting augmented reality game. Just a few moments ago, a Fan of ‘Pokémon GO’ has raised an interesting model of how should be the duel between Players. This new duels proposal between players has surprised Niantic just in the moment in that the company is working on a new update that will include this battles in the game. The new proposal made by this fan cataloged by users as a (genius), has generated hundreds of thousands of comments on social networks in just hours.

The vast majority of players in 'Pokémon GO' have been surprised because it is a proposal, which would benefit not only Niantic but also give users new game options.

Pokémon GO Challenges

While it is true that “Pokémon GO” continues to impress the millions of users it has, through temporary events, which allow players to continue filling the Pokédex with all the Pokémon of the first and second generation. One of the main options, which all fans of the game yearn for, is the arrival of new challenges among users. This is a theme that has been a long time collecting among fans, and that Niantic promised that at any given time would end up implementing in the game. However, although we have the guarantee that it will arrive, we do not know in what terms.

It is here that the imagination of a user has entered to try to visualize this type of duels in this game of augmented reality. In an image published in Reddit, it can see the appearance that would have a duel between trainers in “Pokémon GO.”

The image created by this fan

The fan who made this image, suggests leaving the upper half to show the part of the map where the combat would be effective, implying that if the limits are abandoned, it will end, and the lower to represent the third person.

It is a design that has had the approval of part of the community, despite its simplicity, while others think that there are more pressing problems to solve in “Pokémon GO” before implementing this function. However, fans of this app will continue to look forward to this new attribute in the game.

It is worth mentioning that Niantic has recently announced that it is working on new updates and exciting changes in the app and that a game duel between players with their favorite Pokemon comes to the game.

However, so far, it has not been confirmed if these challenges will be introduced in the next event of "Pokemon GO."

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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