Pokémon GO celebrated a special event in early May which, to commemorate the arrival of spring, increased the presence of plant-type creatures. Niantic, in charge of Pokémon GO, announced the event called 'World Blossom' that began on May 5 and extended until Monday 8, where it was more common to catch grass-type 'Pokémon'.

In addition, to increase the chances of capturing the 'Pokémon' Niantic extended the time of the modules Lure up to six hours during that period. At first, Niantic did not confirm the appearance of the rarest grass-type creatures, unlike the water event earlier this year, but urged coaches around the world to share their catch on social networks.

This event's spring arrival

Because of this event, users have been able to capture many more grass-type Pokémon. Mystic team captured 116 of them, which put them in first place. Valor team closely followed with 102 million Pokémon, while Instinct team finished last with 72 million.

Pokémon GO is a free application for iOS and Android systems. It gives players the opportunity to wander the streets of their city while capturing their favorite creatures.

On the other hand, the users of Pokémon Go received excellent news about the arrival of the legendary Pokémon getting closer. According to the WWG portal, Niantic Labs has confirmed this great update that will be available to iOS and Android users.

While it has not yet been revealed when they will be available, it is speculated that it will happen in the first half of the year.

The team Mystic is motivated by wisdom

The game itself does not give much information about team Mystic, but there is a word that Blanche uses to describe the group: wisdom. She believes that the wisdom of the Pokémon is immensely profound, while also mentioning that she is investigating why exactly Pokémon evolve.

Finally, Blanche says the team will be victorious thanks to a serene analysis of each situation. Not everyone chooses their team based on philosophy; Some people like Articuno or the color blue. But those attracted by the mystic belief system like it for their focus on science, logic and keeping calm in a difficult situation.