Outlander” is still in its third season but news and updates for the upcoming fourth season are trickling down to the fans. In a recent interview, Maril Davis, Executive Producer of the series, was so indulgent in giving out the details for the much-awaited season.

Latest season four update

On Twitter, the showrunner revealed the most recent update about their production. While the production of the current season is almost finished, the EP noted that the shooting for the next season would not commence yet. The Executive Producer also revealed that they have already conducted scouting for the show’s potential locations.

On the other hand, the casting and filming will start as soon as the current season ends next month.

Top characters to watch out for

Meanwhile, there are interesting characters that will probably be a part of the cast in the upcoming season. Among them includes Rollo, Ian Murray’s outright sidekick. Rollo is a cross between Irish wolfhound and wolf, and Ian got him as a prize in a card game. Jemmy is also one of the highly anticipated characters that will be included in the next season. Jeremiah MacKenzie is the son of Brianna without a known father.

Aside from Jemmy, Another character is the Irish smuggler and notorious Stephen Bonnet. Apart from saving Lord John Grey and handing Brianna a black diamond, his character is described as cruel and emotionless.

Jocasta Ines is another character that will add more color to the next season of “Outlander.” She is the aunt of Jaime and the fledgling of the Mackenzies who lost her sight. She used to be an artist and has been married for four times.

Meanwhile, author Diana Gabaldon, in one interview teased that there will characters that will be killed off in the upcoming season.

Several speculations claim that this will also see the end of the series. It is worth noting that “Outlander” season four will be based on Gabaldon’s book, “Dawn of Autumn.” On her official website, the author posted the synopsis of the book.


The book will be about the journey of Claire and Jaime with young Ian to find their place in the North Carolina colony.

The trio's journey will be constantly threatened by Claire’s awareness of the building revolution in America and their loyalty to Governor Tryon. They will be assisted by Jocasta Ines, Ian’s aunt who has a plantation run by slaves. They will start building their lives without Briana, Claire’s daughter.