"Days Of Our Lives" will once again bring excitement and surprise to its avid viewers. For many years, the CBS show never fails to give joy and hope in every season. The next episode is about to reveal something that will cause another run of broken hearts and misty eyes.

Previous episode

The previous episode of "Days of our Lives" provided a sort of foreshadowing on what could be expected to happen in the next episode. Like Ciara (Vivian Giovanni), fans were shocked learning about her discoveries. Theo (Kyler Pettis) and Wyatt (Scott Shilstone), the two men closest to her, betrayed her trust and made her believe in something that is not true.

Aside from that, Brady (Eric Martsolf) appeared to be giving up hope with his present condition that requires another heart transplant. The previous episode somehow prepared fans to a higher level of drama, pain, and bitterness.

Goodbye Ciara

When Ciara said that she is leaving the island, the fears of the fans have been confirmed. Not only that her character will be leaving "Days Of Our Lives." The actress has previously confirmed that she is going to leave the popular drama series. Fans can expect that her story in the series will be one of the most heart-wrenching parts of the series. It can be recalled that she has been through a lot. Her story was devastating from the time she was kidnapped and raped, up to her series of broken hearts. She fell in love and got her heart broken for choosing a person who cannot love her back.

However, despite these series of misfortunes, she found a steadfast support that she can rely on, her mother. With her plans of leaving the island, her mother will be the first one who will have a hard time embracing the upcoming change in their lives.

Brady and his condition

Meanwhile, the present condition of Brady (Eric Martsolf) is crushing Nichole (Arianne Zucker) and Eric (Greg Vaughan).

The situation where Brady is in right now made him hopeless for recovery. After needing another heart transplant, it seems that he is about to give up on the possibility that he will survive. Without the procedure, he will barely survive, unfortunately, the transplant is not available. In the next episode, fans will see him request on talking to the special people in his life to say goodbye.

His father will be the most affected as he cannot bear seeing his son dead.

Emotions will rise in the upcoming episode of the widely-watched drama series, "Days of our Lives." The next episode will air on May 26.

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