On Thursday's episode of "Married at First Sight" on Lifetime, the three married couples went on their honeymoon to get to know each other. None of the couples consummated their marriage on their wedding night. It was different for one couple on the honeymoon. However, there is still time for the other two couples because the honeymoon continues on next week's episode.

Sheila and Nate

Sheila Downs, 31 and Nate Duhon, 26, both wanted to consummate the marriage on their wedding night, but they decided to wait. On Thursday's episode, both of them mentioned that the marriage was consummated on their honeymoon in St.

Croix. Sheila admitted to the camera, but not to her new husband, that she had never had an orgasm and the consummation of her marriage didn't change it. However, Nate told a different story. He revealed that it was a great experience with his beautiful new wife. He said the passion was there, and they have a deep connection.

Nate decided to tell Sheila that his teenage brother Tyree will be living with them while he is in school. People on social media thought the timing was all wrong. Even though he was nervous, Nate decided to get it off his chest. To viewers' surprise and delight, Sheila wasn't disturbed by the news. She simply said since Tyree is part of her family now, she has no problem with it.

She added that she likes the way Nate is taking care of his brother.

Things changed the next day when the couple went jet skiing. Sheila wanted Nate to slow down, but he drove so fast that they fell into the ocean. She became upset and has a problem adjusting to Nate being more energetic than she is. Oddly, she has a problem with that but not with starting out a marriage with a stranger and his brother.

Danielle and Cody

Danielle DeGroot, 30, and Cody Knapek, 26, are on their honeymoon in St. Thomas. Danielle became frustrated because Cody doesn't seem to want to consummate their marriage as much as she does. Cody wants his new wife to feel safe with him. He wants to wait until the right time to become intimate. Danielle knows Cody is attracted to her, but she is concerned that he has never been in love.

Cody isn't responding to the signs Danielle has been giving him. While Danielle wants to take their marriage to the next level, it is Cody who is hesitant. The honeymoon isn't over. Perhaps it will happen before the couple heads back to Chicago.

Ashley and Anthony

Ashley Petta, 30, and Anthony D'Amico, 33, are honeymooning in the Bahamas. As viewers have seen in previous episodes, Ashley keeps talking about her sister Lauren. Ashley didn't feel safe when she and Anthony went kayaking because Lauren told her there could be sharks in the water. Anthony doesn't like it that his wife's sister has such a great influence on his wife. He said he will talk to Lauren about it.

Like Danielle, Ashley wanted to consummate her marriage.

Like Cody, Anthony is hesitant. While the couple was cuddling in bed, Ashley told Anthony to turn off the camcorder because they couldn't document what was going to happen next. Then the show ended. Fans will have to wait until next Thursday to find out if Ashley got her wish.