Those who tuned in to “Teen Mom OG” last night were likely moved by the scene involving Maci Bookout opening up about the ongoing issues surrounding her ex, Ryan Edwards.

Not like other cast members

Ryan and Maci aren’t really like their co-stars when it comes to co-parenting problems. In fact, the ex-couple get along fairly well. And this is with the incredibly low standards their co-stars have set for co-parenting. This, however, doesn’t mean Maci and Ryan are perfect. And, it certainly doesn’t mean they don’t have real problems of their own. In fact, Maci claims their problems are edging on the side of terrifying.

Ryan’s drug use

The biggest concern Maci has regarding her baby daddy at this point in time is his drug use. She actually opened up about these problems while she was on a vacation with Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell. Unsurprisingly, Farrah wasn’t invited on this vacation. Can anyone really blame the girls for not wanting her to come?

Maci Bookout claims that those who are closest to him – including his fiancé and his parents – are enabling his drug abuse instead of trying to get him the help he needs. While Bookout never actually came out and said her ex was currently using drugs, she might as well have.

Edwards’ people aren’t thrilled

Even though Maci never actually accused Ryan of drug use, she did make it clear that she was afraid.

After all, she doesn’t want her son’s father to die of a drug overdose. Her fear is understandable. Mackenzie Standifer, Edwards’ fiancé, hasn’t been shy about her opinion of what Maci has been saying. While “Teen Mom OG” fans really don’t know how big of a role Mackenzie is going to play in the series, she is definitely doing a good job of putting herself in the spotlight.

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In the past, Mackenzie Standifer slammed MTV regarding their editing practices. She was also pretty upset about last night’s episode, but it wasn’t really MTV she was upset with. It was Maci Bookout. A “Teen Mom OG” fan reached out to Mackenzie and asked if she was ready to spend the remainder of her life wondering if Ryan Edwards was high all the time.

She responded by calling the comments ignorant. It, however, isn’t clear whether she was just referring to the person asking the question or Maci Bookout accusing Ryan of drug use in the first place.

Naturally, “Teen Mom OG” fans quickly took the comment to be a direct dig at Maci Bookout over the comments she has been making regarding her baby daddy’s drug use. Is drama between Standifer and Bookout in our “Teen Mom” future?