Hey, "The 100" peeps. We've got a big mission to go rescue a friend that will be in the works in this upcoming episode 12 of the current season 4. Apparently, Clarke will be the one to lead this frantic search. We're also going to see some heavy drama take place between Jaha and Kane, because they just can't seem to come to an agreement, and more! We have the CW's new press release to thank for these synopsis spoiler scoops.

"The Chosen"

The big title for this episode, has been revealed to be: "The Chosen." They started their description off by making sure they tell us about the Clarke storyline.

They put it in all capital letters, stating that she's going to lead the group charge to go save a friend in need. So, it sounds like her storyline will be the one that gets the most attention. Unfortunately, they didn't mention who the friend will be, but if I had to guess, I would say it's probably Octavia, since she was in dire need of rescuing the last time we saw her, and since Clarke is spotted pointing a gun at Bellamy for trying to go save her, she'll definitely need to do something to make up for that very grim action. But, of course, don't quote me on this. We'll need to watch this episode to be absolutely sure.

The big questions that we do have, is will Clarke and company be successful in their huge rescue mission?

Or will they come up short? We're definitely going to have to tune in to get those burning questions answered. The one thing that we can be sure of, is that this storyline is going to serve up huge heaps of drama,action, and suspense. No doubt.

Huge disagreement

Alright, so we've also got this second and last storyline teaser that will involve Jaha and Kane in action.

It sounds like they're not going to be doing too well as they tell us that these two will be going at each other's throats when they run into a huge disagreement on exactly how they should go about, handling their intense, grim reality.

Will they eventually find a common ground on which to stand? Or will this argument escalate to a point where there's no coming back from?

Those are the big questions for their situation. We might get a glimpse of some of these scenes in the new, weekly promo clip that we expect CW to release later on tonight after episode 11 wraps up, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. This episode was written by the writing team of: Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntrye, and Alex Kalymnios directed it.

We'll see more Octavia action

According to the character list, we are going to see Octavia at some point in this episode, so definitely expect to see some new scenes from her. Raven and Jasper will reportedly be in action in one or more scenes. Abigail is expected to deliver a few lines of script. Bellamy is going to be seen at some point, so that means Clarke doesn't shoot him after all in that one scene from episode 11.

Of course, I think we all probably knew that wasn't going to happen, but it did serve for a very intense moment. Episode 12 is set to officially show up next Wednesday night, May 17th,2017 at 8pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.