Hey, "Scorpion" fans, we've got some very dramatic and serious-sounding spoilers teasers for the upcoming episode 24 of this current season 3. We have CBS, of course, to thank for this new intel. Apparently, we're going to see team scorpion, get themselves into quite a bind right after such a happy wedding event between Toby and Happy. They're going to suffer a freaking plane crash right in the middle of nowhere,so they'll have no visible means of getting rescued!

Maroon 8 sounds devastating

They let us know that the big title for this one, is: "Maroon 8." According their main description, it looks like this whole episode is going to entirely revolve around this big plane crash situation.

They tell us that the Team Scorpion crew is going to be flying en route to Toby and Happy's honeymoon destination. Unfortunately, things are going to quickly go very awry, because they're going to get in a situation where they'll be forced to crash land the plane on a desert island that's so far off the freaking grid that they'll have no means, whatsoever, of contacting anyone that could help them get out of this crazy mess of a situation.

What will they do?

Oh no! What will they do? Is the entire team going to be on this dreaded plane? Or will it just be a few of them? They didn't really indicate that, so as far as we know, it's probably all of them. The next big set of questions are: will they be able to create some way to get help?

Or will they just be stuck there to die? I'm guessing they'll be able to find some sort of way to get out of there, but it's all about how they do it that will make this episode interesting. And that's one thing you can bet on, is that this one is going to give us a lot of drama, suspense, action. You know? All that good stuff.

This episode was written by Paul Grellong, and Milan Cheylov handled all the directorial duties.

Currently, that's all the intel that we have for this installment, since that's all CBS would give up. However, as always, it is possible that we'll be seeing a preview clip for this episode, get released after episode 23 wraps up, so you might want to make sure your eyes stay glued to the TV screen right after to make sure you don't miss it.

If you do miss it, it should show up online a couple hours later on Youtube or something.

CBS has yet to release the promo pics for this one, so we couldn't get any extra details from those. So, that's a bummer. We're usually able to draw some new stuff from those. Oh well. Here's one last thing that we can tell you about this episode. It's definitely due to air next Monday night, May 8th,2017 in its same, 9pm central standard time slot on CBS. Stay tuned.