After gastric bypass surgery, "My 600-lb Life" patient Brittani Fulfer showed a remarkable 230-lb weight-loss. But the formerly 605-lb woman admitted to a food addiction the likes of which even Dr. Nowzaradan had rarely seen. Brittani's obsession with food caused her to regain weight and derail skin removal. TLC viewers hoped Fulfer could shed enough pounds to get back on schedule for plastic surgery. Brittani's bariatric surgery update revealed shocking results on the journey to end obesity.

Brittani Fulfer thinks about food 'constantly'

The 32-year-old Oregon woman came to "My 600-lb Life" at 605 pounds.

That weight made her one of the smaller bariatric surgery patients. Steven Assanti and Sean Milliken weighed in at nearly 900 pounds each. Steven's brother Justin Assanti, who declined help from Dr. Now, weighed over 600 pounds. But what Brittani lacked in size, she made up for in a vicious food addiction. She said she thinks about food all the time. This disordered food obsession even made Brittani regret gastric bypass and miss her "eating disorder."

Obesity and dysfunctional food relationships

People with anorexia have a skewed food perspective. They see healthy eating and hunger as enemies. Folks with obesity are literally in love with food. Neither are healthy emotionally or physically, says bariatric surgeon Dr.

Nowzaradan. The "My 600-lb Life" reality television doc teaches patients that food is neither friend nor enemy: it's nourishment. Eating is life-sustaining but shouldn't be the focus of life. Now, with mandatory diet and weight-loss, Brittani no longer enjoys the same food relationship and eating isn't fun anymore. But, she does want to lose weight and get skin removal surgery.

Brittani nails weight-loss after plastic surgery fail

Poor Brittani was longing for skin removal (a tummy tuck type of plastic surgery). Her 230-lb weight-loss left her with lots of loose, saggy skin (a common complaint of gastric bypass surgery patients). After being so heavy, no amount exercise can tone skin. Firming up saggy skin is harder the older one gets as skin loses its elasticity.

Fulfer was heartbroken when her food addiction made her gain back 27 pounds. But her former success made Brittani a good candidate for plastic surgery. The "My 600-lb Life" woman proved she could drop pounds again if she wanted to. TLC shows that Fulfer got back on the wagon, lost weight and got her skin removal. Now, after losing 330 pounds, she weighs in at 272 pounds, the lightest she's been in years.