Hey, "Scorpion" fans. We recently got some official, small spoiler teaser intel for the upcoming episode 22 of the current season 3. They only gave us one storyline teaser for this one, but it sounds serious as hell, telling us that the scorpion crew are going to get themselves stuck inside of a freaking Mars-designed biodome that is currently failing! The reason for this crazy dilemma, is to try and rescue a couple of scientists.

It's "Strife On Mars"

In their spoiler press release, they also revealed what the producers decided would be the proper title for this installment.

It turns out that they came up with the name: "Strife On Mars," which sounds pretty fitting, considering that the plotline revolves around a biodome that's designed for Mars, and the fact that there's a lot of life-threatening drama going down.

Trying to rescue scientists

In their official description, they tell us that a couple of scientists are going to ,somehow, get stuck inside of a biodome that has been designed for Mars. They don't reveal how Scorpion is going to get involved in all of this. But for some reason or another, they do. We're not sure if this is a paying gig for Walter and company, or if they're just wanting to do the right thing. Whatever the case, they will make an attempt to try to rescue these bozos from the biodome.

They describe the biodome as failing and extremely dangerous, so that's certainly not good. Then in their valiant attempts to make a rescue attempt, the Scorpion crew will get stuck inside the damn thing, right along with the scientists.

Will the entire Scorpion crew get trapped inside? Or just a few of them? If it's just a few, which ones are trapped, and will they be able to escape before it's just too freaking late?

These are the huge questions for this particular storyline. Unfortunately, their synopsis was very vague, so they didn't reveal all that important info. Therefore, it looks like we'll have to wait for this thing to air to find out what happens, next. There was also some production credits listed in this press release. We have Jeff Hunt to thank for directing this episode and Kevin J.

Hynes for writing up the script.

Alright, so that's all we got for this little plot summary, since that's all that CBS would tell us. However, there could be some new intel coming later on ,tonight, after episode 21 gets done airing, so be sure to look out for that. We can also confirm that episode 22 is scheduled to air next Monday night, April 17th,2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.