Alright, "Once Upon A Time" fans. You're in luck, because we've got a new, very informative spoiler preview clip (below) from ABC for the upcoming episode 20 of season 6. But be careful. It might make you start singing and dancing. Yep, that's, indeed, an exact hint to what this thing will be all about. Apparently, Snow is spotted actually wishing upon a star, like in the song, and it causes all singing and dancing hell to break loose. There's also a big wedding too!

"The Song in Your Heart"

In their new teaser description, they let us know that a wish upon a star is going to get made.

The result will entail the entire enchanted forest to become a musical land, filled with nothing but cheesy singing and dancing. We're also going to see a magical fairy tale wedding event get born out of it. As you'll see in the clip, the wedding participants will be Hook and Emma! They've labeled this episode: "The Song in Your Heart. "

Wish upon a star

The new clip, begins by showing us a scene that features Snow White all dressed up in white out on the balcony, trying to make a wish upon a freaking star. The wish is for them to be able to get what they need to help Emma get a chance at a happy ending. After that, we're shown the star going to work, and giving us scenes that feature the entire Enchanted Forest, breaking out into song and dance, causing this episode to be one , big musical!

Say what? Yep, yep. Yes, indeedy.

Evil Queen is singing too

It was reported a few weeks back that we would be getting this type of an episode, and now, it's here. Thank God that they're only doing this once. And it better have a good, freaking storyline to help this thing make sense. Anyways, continuing on with this clip description, we get a glimpse of the Evil Queen, actually singing and dancing while still trying to keep up her evil persona.

It's quite comical to watch. I just don't buy it. You cannot sing and dance, and be evil at the same time. It just doesn't work for me. Next, they've got poor Hook, participating in this madness when he's spotted, belting out tunes while standing on top of a table. Of course, we're shown Snow White and Charming, singing together at some point.

We even see a scene with the wicked witch, singing, while in full green mode. At one point, there's a scene that features the Evil Queen, explaining to Rumplestiltskin that a spell has been cast, which makes everyone break out into full song mode, and she doesn't look happy about it at all. Rumple appears to find it quite funny as he's seen, giggling his face off at the thought of it.

A Magical wedding event

Next, we're shown that this is going to create a very magical wedding event between none other than Emma and Hook! They're seen, exchanging their vows at the alter to cap off the clip. Will these two love birds really tie the knot in this episode? Or is this teaser clip, setting us up to be fooled like crazy?

We'll have to wait and see, because they don't actually show the final outcome in this clip. Be sure to check it out,below. The new episode 20 is scheduled to air on Sunday night, May 7th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.