Hey, "Empire" fans. Things are about to get really crazy in the season 3 finale episode. Cookie is about to cause some major problems for the big launch of "Empire" in Las Vegas! Also, there's going to be something that goes down in the last five minutes that will reportedly leave everyone speechless. Here are the spoiler teasers via FOX's official press release.

Demi Moore guest stars

The producers decided to title this episode "Toil and Trouble, Part 2," and it has been revealed that Demi Moore is going to make a special guest appearance as a nurse, which is something that I find quite interesting, since her daughter Rumor Willis is also on the show as Tory Ash.

Running into some issues

Lucious is going to be in the process of getting ready to launch the big Empire Las Vegas project with Giuliana by his side. However, this next piece of the story informs us that he's definitely going to run into some issues! Those issues will be with Cookie. According to their description, she's going to be busy putting together her own team of allies and their main goal will be to wreak total havoc on the huge grand opening.

Will Cookie succeed in ruining Lucious' big day? Or will her plan fall apart? These are the burning questions for this particular storyline. They didn't answer those questions in this press release so we'll probably have to wait around until this episode airs to see what happens.

There is a chance that the preview clip released after the episode airs will give us a glimpse of this particular situation.

Last five minutes

Lastly, they tell us that the last five minutes of the episode will leave viewers totally speechless. What could these last five minutes entail? Will it really leave us speechless? Those are the major questions that immediately come to mind.

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It sounds like they may give us a big cliffhanger to lead into the new season. Speaking of season 4, it was officially confirmed way back in January 2017.

Additionally, FOX supplied a couple of official photos from the upcoming episode, featuring Giulianna, Lucious and Cookie in action. This might be one of the big dramatic scenes that was referenced in the episode description.

The other photos released also feature Hakeem, Jamal, Charlotte, Shine, Andre and Demi Moore in a couple of scenes. Some of them look very dramatic, too. We can also confirm that episode 18 is due to air next Wednesday night, May 24th, 2017 at 8pm Central Time on FOX.